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Customised solutions from a single source:

Industry 4.0 is not just a buzzword but a reality. With our devices and software solutions, we help you to drive digitalisation forward.
Here, sttID not only provides its customers with hardware in the form of RFID devices and the corresponding demo software, but also helps with connection and integration into existing systems.

The "Tag Recevier Proxy" software collects data from several RFID readers and saves it in files on the server or transfers it to a database.Tag Receiver Proxy

  • Installation on Windows 10 Pro, Windows 2016 Server or newer
  • runs as a service in the background
  • Configuration and monitoring via web browser locally or remotely
  • Management of up to 100 RFID antennas
  • Data transfer via data or web service
  • Customised direct connection to an SQL server

Customised software to control our devices and integrate them into existing systems:

Do you need software to programme transponders or do you want to connect our devices to your existing system?  Talk to us. Our specialists will work with you to develop a solution.