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Tool identification with RFID

The contactless identification of tools using RFID prevents the use of incorrect tools in machines. Tool life can also be determined automatically, which makes it possible to document the use and utilisation of tools without paperwork or gaps.

Werkzeugerkennung mittels RFID
Erfasung von Erodierwerkzeugen

Transponders are attached to or embedded in the moulds for this purpose. These transponders are available in a wide variety of designs, materials, shapes and frequencies and can therefore be optimally customised to the application.

RFID Glastransponder
RFID Glass transponder in rod form

The transponders sold by sttID are battery-free and can be read without contact using an RFID reader. Even dirt hardly affects the reading.

The RFID readers are developed and manufactured by sttID itself. This enables us to customise the readers for the application if necessary. The readers are generally equipped with RS-232, USB and network interfaces and enable simple integration into existing systems or connection to a PLC.

UHF On Metal Transponder
UHF RFID on metal Transponder

In addition, sttID provides software that enables the automatic receipt of data from several readers and writes this data to files or transfers it to an SQL server.

sttID accompanies its customers from consulting and project planning to after-sales service.