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RFID identification for textile laundries 

scemtec Transponder Technology GmbH (sttID) is a developer, manufacturer and solution provider of high-quality RFID reader/writer systems as well as RFID antennas and antenna systems.
In addition to applications in library management and numerous industrial applications, there is an RFID product group for laundry logistics with 13.56 MHz and 868 MHz transponders and labels. SsttId has an almost complete RFID product portfolio for identifying and tracking linen such as tablecloths, pillows, bed sheets, gowns, etc. 
These include HF or UHF desk-top readers with an integrated antenna (desk-top readers) as well as mid-range and long-range readers with separate antennas for the detection of individual items of laundry (lying or hanging) through to the detection of stacks of laundry.
Due to the increasing mixing of laundry with HF transponders and UHF labels, the combination of HF and UHF in a combi system has proven itself in the Desk-Top Readers. sttID has combined antennas and electronics for 13.56 MHz (ISO-15693) and 868 MHz (ISO 18000-6C) and combined them in one device.

All laundry items that pass through the washing process can be labelled with transponders of various types (LF, HF or UHF). This allows all laundry items to be clearly identified and allocated.

RFID Antenne zur Erkennung von Hängeware
Antenna for identifying laundry items
HF Antenna
Desktop readers with integrated antenna support the manual recording of laundry

The transponder data is recorded at various reading stations in the respective process steps using the sttID readers and antennas and the points are then automatically set in the washing process.

sttID offers RFID solutions for the optimisation of operational processes in laundries and for the identification of laundry.

RFID UHF Antenne für Hängeware

Large RFID antennas for identifying individual items of laundry, e.g. hanging garments

Tunnelleser helfen bei der Erfassung der eingehenden Wäsche - Schmutzwäsche

sttID offers products for RFID laundry identification for individual frequencies LF, HF and UHF or for reading HF and UHF transponders in one device.

Your advantages when using RFID

  • Reduction of errors and losses
  • Inventory and warehouse management in time
  • Optimisation of process control